A little photo comparison

My mom saved my baby outfit all these years and I couldn't wait to try it out on Eleanor and do a baby photo comparison.  Eleanor was 4 months old when I took her photo and she was all about holding up the shirt and flashing her belly off.  So the fact that I got her smiling with her shirt down was a total success.  

I kept Eleanor in this outfit for the rest of the day after taking photos and kept doing double takes every time I saw her.  The photo on the left was my go to baby photo for any school project I did and that's how I've always pictured myself as a baby.  So looking down at Eleanor in the same outfit made me feel like I was seeing myself as a baby, even if we do have some different facial features.  It was equally cool and weird and the same time. 

So what do you think?  Do we look alike or does she take after her dad more?  Eleanor and I definitely have different smiles.  And it may be the lighting but it looks like I had more hair and my hair was more red. Eleanor's hair is definitely coming in blonde.  

P.S. Thanks Mom for saving this outfit!


  1. Both adorable little girls, for sure! It'd be fun to see a photo comparing Eleanor and her daddy too.

  2. This kills me. I love it. Good job Mom for saving the outfit!