Blessing Day.

Aaron gave Eleanor her name and blessing at church in our Campbell Ward on March 2nd.  We felt so blessed to have so much family there to support Eleanor.  Aaron gave her a beautiful blessing and it was so touching to see her surrounded by good, good men who will continue to have an impact on her throughout her life.  After church, we all crowded in to our apartment for some delicious food that everyone helped put together.  It was so wonderful to see my loved ones all in my home enjoying each other and celebrating our daughter.  I just wish it could be like that every weekend!
^^Grandpa/granddaughter photo session. 
^^sent this to Ginny on her mission, waving hello and that we miss her. 

Thanks for coming family and making Eleanor feel so special and loved! We love you!

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  1. I can't believe how much she has grown since her blessing day. If I were to have my wish granted, I would be there every weekend! Love you tons.