And more from the blessing weekend.

Again, we were so blessed to have family come in town for Eleanor's baby blessing!

Audrey and Brad flew in first and I was able to head up to Walnut Creek with Eleanor and spend Thursday and Friday with them.  I love just relaxing on the couch and catching up on life together. And I got seriously excited for July to come when Audrey will have her fourth baby.  She has already proved to make THE CUTEST offspring so I can't wait to see this next one.
Aaron's parents and grandparents drove up on Friday in their motor home and Annie and Austin flew in that night.  We got to spend the weekend playing games (including the epic "Guess what kind of soda this is..." game including Bacon, Key Lime and Chocolate Cookie Dough flavors), walking around the local shopping center, Santana Row, and trading off holding Eleanor.
^^I even got to go running for the first time Saturday morning!  I didn't get too far before my lungs gave out but it was wonderful to have the opportunity!
 ^^Visiting Tesla, naturally. 
 ^^I mean seriously, is that not the cutest cupcake you've ever seen? 
And now watch this sequence of faces.  They were such good sports!  And Aaron and I were wise enough not to try any of the soda ourselves!
When everyone left and it was just me and Eleanor at home on Monday morning, we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  We so loved the company and wished that everyone could have stayed even longer.  So many helping hands made holding, rocking and changing Eleanor so much easier.  And getting to talk and laugh throughout the day with everyone made life just so much more fun.

So this is my plea to have everyone come visit again! ;)  Love you all!

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