Wishing you the best 2014!

We are pretty excited for what 2014 has in store for our family.  Our lives will change in so many ways this January as we welcome a baby into our family (SO soon! due date is January 16th).

The year 2013 was good to us, with major life events throughout the year.  We started out last year with our secret New Year's wish to get pregnant and start our family, and we were blessed that it came true.  In 2013, we also saw Aaron graduate from BYU, me finish my first year of teaching, and us pack up all our things, saying goodbye to Provo and hello to California.  Aaron started his full time job at PwC in San Jose and we are now living in an apartment stuffed to the brim with baby gear. We have had a good time this 2013 and even though we have no idea what life will really be like with a new baby, we are totally excited for the adventure of 2014.

We hope you have a great first day of the year, get a chance to make some really lofty resolutions (I am always way too ambitious on January 1st ;)), and take time to enjoy some Martinelli's.

P.S. Since we didn't get any Christmas cards out this year, lets just count this, ya?  We took this picture last week, two days after Christmas, at Aaron's parents' house in Riverside.  I was 37 weeks pregnant (this picture really doesn't do my bigness justice) and praying I didn't go into labor before we got back up to San Jose.  We have since made it home and no sign of baby coming yet!

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