Long live my forehead

Today marks the one week anniversary of a quite unfortunate series of events where my forehead went up against burning hot oil and my forehead lost the battle.  (I'll spare you the gory pictures.)

How it all went down: I was putting a large pot roast into a frying pan of hot oil in order to brown the meat.  I plopped the pot roast in the pan with just enough force and at just the right angle that the oil flew up with a fierce momentum and splattered across my forehead.

At first it was funny, and then it burned like you wouldn't believe.  After a couple of hours though and a trip to the urgent care, the pain was gone and the burn cream and gauze pads were in place.

I sported some variety of headband all week (first this gauze headband pictured above and then a knit headband to cover the gauze pads when I didn't want to look like I just had brain surgery).  Luckily, the oil had avoided my eyes and the burns could be covered up and protected pretty easily.

By Sunday, things were looking pretty good and it's even better today.  I've stopped the burn cream and am now applying Vitamin E oil religiously to prevent scarring.

Despite the burns, I was able to enjoy a great Thanksgiving week with my family.  I did, however, take the doctor's advice to leave the Thanksgiving cooking to my mom (ha!).  I made ice cream instead, thinking that I do much better with cold than hot ;)

Thanksgiving pictures to come (headband and all)!

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  1. I, unfortunately, also learned this hard lesson just recently, although it was my hand that took the burns. Meat should always be laid in the pan facing away so that awful splatter goes the opposite direction. Lesson learned! Hope your forehead heals quickly.