Spontaneous Date

Last night, Aaron and I went on a spontaneous date to soak up the warm Provo air.  First, we rode around Provo neighborhoods and admired different homes.  This has become a thing we like to do.  I love seeing all the different styles of homes.  We really get into it and pick out which home we would like.  We have so many dream homes now! It will most likely be many a year before we get to buy a home but oh how we dream of that day.

After our dream home hunting, we rode over to the Awful Waffle for some dinner/dessert crepes.  We got to sit outside and talk about life.  Good ole Provo times.

Spring is in the air and I love it!


  1. Gee, I think that driving around and looking at houses has got to be in Aaron's genes! We did that for so many years. Even though we now live in a home we love, I still like to drive around and "pick" houses.

    And we do have to go to the Awful Waffle when we come up next month!