Our Little Christmas Apartment

We had our first Christmas season together as a married couple! 
(If you want to be technical though it was our second Christmas...but the first that we could decorate our very own apartment and prep for Christmas together, which makes it really feel like your Christmas.)

A week into December we took a break from finals studying and went out and got a little Christmas tree.  Now, I am a REAL Christmas tree kind of girl so you can imagine my dismay when I found out that we were not allowed to have a real Christmas tree in our apartment, only fake ones (something about a fire hazard...sounds kinda lame to me).

But, alas, we gave in and thought a fake Christmas tree is better than no Christmas tree at all.  So we headed to Walmart and picked out the cutest fake tree we could find.  We brought it home, ruffled the branches, added some manly Christmas tree ornaments (notice the cars and planes below) and viola...Christmas!

I put my ugly Christmas sweater on and we took pictures next to the tree.

We hung a couple stockings, put out our beautiful nativities and enjoyed the Christmas season before we headed to California for the holiday.  

Christmas is just the best. 

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  1. so cute! Christmas time is so much more fun when you're married!