Mission Reunions

Some of my favorite people in the whole world are the wonderful missionaries I served with in the New York Utica Mission.   

I have now been home from my mission for over a year and I still can't believe it.  

What is also crazy is that almost all the missionaries I served with are home now!  It's crazy but wonderful because it means that I get to hang out with them now!

Sister Zwick and Sister Goettsche both got home this summer!
(I should probably call them Tia and Cambria now...still weird.)   
We went to lunch on campus at the beginning of the semester and decided to all go to the Relief Society General Meeting in Salt Lake.  

Me, Cambria and Tia
Then I volunteered to help put on a NYUM Reunion for Conference weekend.  

We did a bbq at the church (Aaron manned the bbq and did an excellent job!).
 We ended up with a pretty good turnout of returned missionaries and President Eckersley and Sister Eckersley (My first Mission President and his wife) even showed up!

I didn't manage to take pictures during the event (I was just loving being with everyone) but here are some pictures we took at the end of the night with some of the wonderful sisters I served with.  

i LOVE these girls.

Sister Heaton, Sister Moss (now Kaela Morss!) and Sister Livermore

I was trying to remember why we chose this particular pose and I'm pretty sure we did it to show that we can now wear jeans haha.  Good times.
(Sister Simmons, Me, Sister Ream, Sister Heaton, Sister Livermore and Sister Seabrook)
There is a special bond that you have with the people you served with.  

I loved getting to catch up with everyone on their lives, as well as hear updates from New York. 

I plan on life-long friendship with all of these missionaries.

Yay for NYUM!

Oh and speaking of my mission...

My old mission companion Jaime Batschi posted a funny map on facebook.  

I think the map is hilarious because anytime anyone hears that I served in New York they first ask "Oh wow.  Were you in the city?"  

When I try to explain that I was in Upstate New York, they then say, "Oh wow.  You must have been in Palmyra with the church history sites!"  

Then when I say no to that too and tell them I served in Utica, they get a confused look on their face and usually stop asking about my mission.  Haha.  

So here is a map:

My mission is essentially the eastern chunk of that bluish-green highlighted portion 

The best place in the whole world.

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