Ford at 18 months

Ford had his first official day in Nursery today and it was WONDERFUL.  For him and us.  He has been so ready for three months now.  Before taking him in I went outside and snapped a few pictures of him.  I just can't get over how cute this kid is.  There are so many times that he's doing something and Aaron and I look up at each other as if to say, "This has got to be the cutest kid in the world."  We are biased for sure ;)  And you better believe there are moments where we also look at each other as if to say, "This kid is CRAZY."  But that's 18 months for you, all the highs and all the lows you can imagine.  But overall this stage is my jam and I really feel like we are in a good groove.

So for a quick update, here's Ford at 18 months...

Ford's vocabulary has grown exponentially in the past couple months. He's saying hi, bye, dada, mama, wawa (water), baba (blankie or pacifier), nana (banana or his Nana), a-ma (Grandma) and night-night (goodnight).  And his favorite word is "MINE!!!" And beyond those words, he can communicate so effectively through hand motions and noises.  It's not very hard to figure out what he wants these days.

Aaron is his favorite, hands down.  If Ford hears any noise in the house at all, Ford assumes it's the garage door opening and that Daddy's home.  He'll run to the back door and wait there for Aaron to walk in.  I feel bad breaking it to him 95% of the time that it was just the AC kicking in or the dishwasher starting.  He prefers Aaron for going to bed and definitely if he gets hurt and needs comfort.

He has now had three haircuts but has probably needed double that.  Haircuts are not my strength.  I can only manage getting my own hair cut once a year.  I love his little gentleman's haircut.  I'm sure the day will come when he gets his first buzz cut but the thought of that currently horrifies me.  I will hold on to this wonderful stage of adorable haircuts and cute suspenders and sweet little moccasins for as long as I can.  

We are constantly hearing from people that he's "all boy."  He is a born climber, runner and tinkerer.  Thankfully he's given up eating soil and some other crazy things but he loves to climb on the table (I can't get this to stop for the life of me!) and pull chairs up to the counter (he's even ignited our gas stove!).  Give him a ball or a toy car and he'll squeal from excitement.  

He's learning to deal with his frustrations, meaning lots of throwing himself on the ground and smacking his head repeatedly on it (even tile!).  He's in a hitting phase and he definitely does it intentionally now.  We're working on it.  Tantrums are a real thing.  

However, Ford is no terror.  He is such a sweet cuddler and loves to rest his head on your shoulder, especially as you sing to him before bedtime.  And he gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.  His hugs are full body hugs.  

He now confidently walks into the gym's babysitting center without crying.  And when we go to pick them up at the end of a workout, we find Eleanor and Ford playing something together.  So heartwarming.

This kid loves him some music.  Turn on the Moana soundtrack and he can't help but stomp his feet and shake his hips.  He feels the beat and it just overtakes his little body.  He treats the fireplace hearth as his stage and loves to put on a show with Eleanor.  Adele's "Hello" has also been a favorite of his for a while now.

When we sense he has something he shouldn't and yell "Fooord!" he looks at us, cackles and sprints away.  He's mischievous for sure.

Ford is sitting better for books and loves pointing to pictures. 

Currently, Ford is transitioning to one nap a day and it's a rough transition.  He's clearly tired by 10:30 am so I put him down and he sleeps for a good two hours. But then he refuses an afternoon nap when he clearly needs it.  He's usually down at night at 7:30 pm and sleeps til 7:30 am.  We have been getting uninterrupted sleep at night for so long now and it's amazing.

Ford is playing with Eleanor for longer and longer stretches.  I'll find them quietly in her room playing together or at least side by side.  Of course the minute Ford spots me spying he runs out to me.  As a result, I'm usually too scared to check no them playing for fear of their independent play ending.  So I pray they aren't dying and hold out til I hear a cry. 

He's still on the small side, averaging about 15% for height and weight.  At his last doctor's appointment, his doctor said, "Well no wonder he's not gaining tons of weight.  He hasn't stopped moving once this whole time!"

With two of his four teeth chipped (he still only has four teeth!) and legs full of bruises and scratches, you can tell that he's just a little reckless.  Nothing stops him.  He's a tough cookie and try as we do to keep him safe, he's had his fair share of run ins.  I'm hoping it's all contributing to him learning some healthy boundaries and will keep him safer in the long run. 

Ford passionately loves his little blankie and pacifier.  We have been working on getting him to leave them in his crib after waking up but he manages to sneak in and grab them out still. 

He puts up a mean fight when he's getting his diaper changed or his teeth brushed.  He has an excellent back arch.

We mostly call him Ford and Fordy.  Occasionally he gets a Fordster and my mom calls him Mr. Ford.  

He currently loves yogurt, fruit, beans, breakfast shakes, avocados and bananas.  He does pretty well with meats. I've had to stop giving him berries all together for now or else he won't eat anything else.

Admittedly, Ford has had way more fruit snacks and Mac 'N Cheese than Eleanor ever had at this age.  In fact, I don't think Eleanor had a single fruit snack until she was two years old (#firstchild). 

Ford has a thing for eating crayons and has started sneakily writing on walls, floors and cabinets.  Thank goodness for washable crayons and markers.  We have currently banned markers from the house and crayons may be going soon.

He's starting to notice if I'm holding Eleanor or a friend's baby and manages to scoot himself onto my lap and claim his territory.   

He fold his arms for prayer by sticking his hands in his armpits.  Kills me every time.

His giggle is seriously the best thing ever.  He's had a good, hearty laugh since three months and it's so fun to get him on a laughing roll.  

I find myself taking tons of pictures of him throughout the day because I just can't get enough of his blonde hair, chubby cheeks and happy smile.  He is seriously so darling and sometimes my heart just bursts when I see him doing simple things like eating in his high chair.  The tantrums pale in comparison to all the seriously amazing things he's accomplishing each day.  We love our little Fordy. 

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