Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Eleanor!

Eleanor turns three today!  She's been counting down the days until January 9th for weeks now, talking constantly about making a cake, playing with friends and wearing a birthday hat.  She finally figured out just last night how to hold up her three fingers (she struggled previously getting her fingers to bend and stay in their spots :)) and was walking around saying, "Look at my fingers! I'm going to be 3 on my birfday!"

Eleanor changed our world three years ago and continues to teach us new things every day.  She really is our joy and makes every day brighter.  There are difficult points for sure (like the epic broccoli showdown just two nights ago) but she quickly turns things around and has us laughing.  I'm writing a more for another day about what she's up to at this age but in short, life right now with Eleanor is full of tutu skirts, chocolate avocado shakes, baby dolls, puzzles, wrestling with Fordy and painting.

We love you Eleanor!

P.S. For a walk down memory lane, here's Eleanor's birth story (part 1 and part 2), introducing Eleanor, Eleanor at 1 year old and Eleanor at 2 years old.

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