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I'm feeling the need for another little brain dump. So here's what's been on my mind lately...
^^ a grainy family selfie taken while Aaron was out of town this week.

-We went on a family walk around the neighborhood right after Aaron got home from work one night.  I ended up with five fresh mosquito bites (they are loving me this year) but it was still worth it.  We stopped in at the little park by us and Eleanor conquered the slide all by herself (I failed to catch her one time six months ago and she's been scared of slides ever since).  Meanwhile, Ford stayed pretty chill in his big boy stroller seat.

-Halloween is around the corner and I am excited.  And yet, I don't know why costumes are such a struggle for me.  I even have a good idea this year but I'm dragging my heals on the execution.

-Ford is running in to everything these days.  He can pull himself up on to any surface now, which is blowing my mind.  Eleanor wasn't doing this for another couple of months!  It seems like he gets a new bruise every day, no matter how closely I watch him. I need to write up a post about the fact that he is CRAWLING.  Man, he's growing fast.
-This past summer has kind of taken a toll on me emotionally and it really caught up to me this week.  There were several semi-traumatic experiences this summer that showed me just how fragile life is (one of which was the fire but there have been a couple other things too).  I've also had several people close to me pass away unexpectedly this summer.  I thought I was coping with it all ok but just last week I was sitting on a bench with my kids and saw a fire truck fly by with its sirens blaring.  My heart started racing and my eyes welled up with tears.  It was this crazy emotional reaction I had no control over.  It was like I really felt for whoever that firetruck was rushing to go save.  But I also oddly felt like I was right back in the line of fire myself.  And then Aaron left on a business trip this week and I became so afraid that something was going to happen to him on the drive.  It's like my bubble has been burst and I no longer naively think that bad things won't happen to the people I love.  I had a good talk with my sister Audrey that helped.  Also, listening to talks like this help.  And I usually don't think too much about it all but when the feeling hits, it hits hard.  Interesting stuff.

-On a sort of related, I have found this post on How to Write a Condolence Note to be helpful as I reach out to those around me who are dealing with the passing of a loved one.

-I've had this motherhood print hanging in my bathroom for months now and I love it.  I hung it a little too low though and it always seemed a touch off until on a whim this week I decided to hang this seascape above it.  Instant happiness!  For whatever reason, mixing art really makes my heart happy.  Also, we need to paint our bathroom walls white but that doesn't sound fun at all.  Maybe one day but the thought of having to tape off all the tile/mirrors/cabinetry/trim/etc. makes me want to run in the other direction!

-A new Cafe Rio opens just five minutes from my house next week!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world for that sentence.  I'm already dreaming of how much less cooking I will need to do now since we will practically live there ;)  Also, hoping this persuades my Bay Area family (who doesn't have a Cafe Rio close by) to come even more often! (wink, wink)

-Eleanor wrote all over our front door with a hot pink crayon.  It was literally one of those situations where I wasn't looking for 30 seconds and the damage was done.  It's scrubbed off ok but kinda took the gloss off the door and left it with a pink hint.  I've always wanted to repaint our front door but now I think I really need now.  If only picking out "the color" was easy!

-Do you ever just want to get rid of your Facebook?  I feel like it wears on me more than uplifts me.  I keep it for a couple reasons...keeping up with opportunities to serve, coordinating playgroup locations/times, learning about a high school reunion, etc.  Also, Facebook allows me to see my close friends' Instagram pictures since I don't have the Instagram app anymore (deleting that app was the best decision ever).  But goodness, the negativity is there too.  I know I can just choose to not go on Facebook but for some reason it is easier for me to quit something all together than to be half in.

-I took the time to write in my three journals the other day and it felt so great!  I have a personal journal and then a journal for Ford and Eleanor where I try to write about their latest developments and funny stories.  The first page of Ford's journal is his footprints, stamped within the first hour after he was born.  Look at those cute toes!!
^^The journal is pretty small but if you didn't know that then it would probably appear like he has mammoth feet, ha!

-I don't know if I will ever come around to copper in home decor.  I stopped in at Target the other night and saw all their latest copper accessories and it just wasn't doing it for me at all.  Maybe it's because their version looks so cheap.  Either way, I am a brass lover and feel no need to change.

-We went to the doctor yesterday and found out Ford has an ear infection.  He's had a cold but showed no signs that his ears were hurting him.  Poor guy. I'm learning that when in doubt, the answer is always "yes, go to the doctor."

-Eleanor starts dance class this weekend and she has been counting down the days.  She told Aaron yesterday on the phone, "I have dance class in TWO DAYS, Daddy!!"  She has her new leotard, tutu, tights and shoes.  The cute smile she gets while wearing her get up makes me incredibly happy.
^^All the heart eyes in the world for this picture!

It's Friday and I can't wait for a good, family filled weekend.  Aaron just got back from a two day business trip and we are all very happy he's home. Eleanor wants to play "scary monster" all day long and Ford is just super content crawling around like crazy.  Aaron and I have a date tonight planned to the Farmer's Market.  And then Saturday will be pedicures and the General Women's Broadcast.  Good stuff!  Hope you all have a great weekend, too!  

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