Snow Cones and Paddleboarding

For our final full day in Hawaii, we travelled to Matsumoto's famous shaved ice before hopping on paddleboards.  The shaved ice did not disappoint, I was amazed by their flavors and seriously love the ice cream to ice ratio.  

After finishing our shaved ice, we went up the street for paddle boarding.  My mom and Chelsea kindly watched the younger kids on the beach while the rest of us adults and older kids got on paddle boards.  

We paddled our way up the river and back again.  I loved how easy and satisfying the ride was.  I would totally do it over again.  

We ended our paddle boarding trip at the beach where the kids were hanging out.  They were pretty jazzed about hopping on the boards and trying it out themselves.  
The snow cone and paddle boarding combo was the perfect way to spend out our last real day.  Wish we could go back and do it right now!

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