Quick trip to Walnut Creek

I felt like I was sick in someway for all of August.  I tried to make it but wasn't really succeeding.  I asked Aaron for a blessing one night and he blessed me with the ability to take care of myself so that I could heal.  The next day I felt prompted to pack the kids up and head to my parents house in Walnut Creek for the week so that I could regroup and get some rest.  I'm so grateful I live just 2.5 hours away from them.

By the second day there I was feeling SO much better.  It was the best I felt physically in a month and it was awesome.  So awesome that I felt like I could take on the world.  I tried to redesign my mom and dad's first bedroom and when I wasn't making much progress on that front I got Chelsea to let me paint over her orange wall.  I can't tell you how great it felt to do something major like that.

We stayed for 3 days and came home feeling rejuvinated.  I was very grateful that Aaron encouraged me to go to Walnut Creek even though I hate leaving him behind at home for a week.  We were all very excited to see him when we arrived home :)

We pulled up and discovered Wheezy and Ophelia were already at Grandma's house.  Eleanor dove into making cookies with them, her favorite activity.

Meanwhile these two played on the living room floor together (practically 7 and 9 months respectively).

I bravely took on bath time with these three.  I didn't realize that bathing multiple moving children could be so exhausting, ha!  They sure were cute though in their matching towels.

Bye bye orange wall! I helped prime it one night and then Chelsea finished the final white coat later.

I took some pictures of spots that make me happy in my parents house.
 ^^This is in my parent's room.  My mom found that settee at an estate sale here in Fresno. And I think her gallery wall is so happy, full of pictures of us kids mixed in with art of all varieties.
 ^^Not the best photo taking skills on my part but I love this art wall.  My parents have a lot of original artwork from local Bay Area artists.

Chelsea and I ate lunch at Panera Bread and then spent time at Heather Farms Park.

Ford, just awake from his nap. Every time Aaron would FaceTime us Ford would be sleeping so I took these pictures to send on to Aaron so he could get his Fordy fill in.

My mom encouraged me to go to a local thrift store while the kids napped and I took advantage of some free time.  Thrift store shopping without kids is the BEST. I can just take my time and pick up all the random trinkets I desire.  This thrift store had a major Shabby Chic thing going which isn't my style but I still liked a lot of their smaller items...
 ^^These silhouettes are sweet and I loved the jugs and crocks behind them.
 ^^I had to really talk myself out of this one.  I still wish I bought it though.  I think it would be so sweet in Eleanor's room.
 ^^Loved that white and blue jar.  It would be perfect for pouring syrups or hot fudge.
 ^^Historical print of San Francisco.  I like it and I like the way it was framed.
 ^^Original artwork of Mt. Diablo.  I think the painting is super pretty but I would have wanted a different frame.

On my last night, I decided to check out Walnut Creek's new Broadway Plaza shopping center.  I've been wanting to go into Madewell and Hanna Andersson specifically just to dream of buying all their pretty clothes.  When I got there I was surprised to find it was Broadway Plaza's grand re-opening night and they had live music and everything.  If only Aaron could have been there to hang out with me!
 ^^Madewell!  I tried on a bunch of their jeans and officially fell in love.  Best high rise, mom jeans there ever were.
 ^^And then I had to drive by the new Anthropolgie.  Can you believe that this entire lit up building is going to be an Anthropologie??!! It's going to be their flagship store and will have their clothing, furniture and BHLDN wedding line.  30,000 sq feet of so much goodness.  Of course, I am sad that Walnut Creek lost Barnes and Noble there because I had lots of great high school memories in there.  Broadway Plaza was definitely the hangout spot, and we would always end up in Barnes and Noble thumbing through books and chatting.

When we finally made it back home, Aaron and I went out to dinner to Annex Kitchen.  I got their Fresno State corn pasta and it was amazing. I could eat here every day.  We talked about BYU football most of the meal.  I like knowing the players background stories so that I can get more into the game (the opening game was the next day).  Aaron was more than happy to tell me about each player ;)

And now we are back to real life and feeling happy and healthy :)

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