Labor Day

We had a pretty low key Labor Day but we loved soaking up that extra day with Aaron around.

We went on a drive look at dream homes and then ended up trying out the Meat Market for lunch.  So good!

^^Eleanor devoured her beans and rice

While Eleanor and Ford napped, I ran to Home Depot for potting soil but then got side tracked by tile samples.  

I had just read this blog post about redoing a kitchen backsplash and I was feeling inspired.  I'm not ready to jump into kitchen projects yet but I would totally love to redo our backsplash down the line. 

(Also, I totally nodded my head in agreement when I read Mandi's explanation for why she put off kitchen projects for so long: "I didn't really do anything cause it was just too sad not to do everything."  I feel ya, Mandi.  I'd love to change so much about our kitchen but that's just not reasonable or necessary so for now we just wait. But someday we should take the plunge and at least do something :))  

Anyways, back to Labor Day activities because they really were awesome...

After naps, we headed to the park for some KFC with the Winters.  Eleanor sat on the play structure with London chatting away about their bedrooms and things.  It was darling to witness from afar.  And then they ran around wild and free while we adults talked.  It was a great afternoon.

Then we put the kids to bed and watched Bridge of Spies.  I've been wanting to see it forever and I really liked it.  I'm starting to notice though that every time I watch a movie just before bed I end up having a crazy dream that night where I'm living out the movie in some way.  Interesting stuff...

All in all, it was a wonderful day and I wish we could have Mondays as holidays every day!  Wouldn't that be dreamy?  Saturday you get chores done, Sunday you focus on spirituality and Monday you play!  Now that's a recipe for happiness right there :)

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