Cousin Love (Hawaii Edition)

I have tons of Hawaii pictures that don't quite fit into any one category except for that of "cousin love."  Any kind of large family vacation is so worth it just to see the cousin bonding taking place.  I felt like I hardly saw Eleanor for many of the days but I could always hear her laughing like crazy. So here's a smattering of my nieces and nephews, all soaking up cousin time in a picturesque place.  

First up was Noelle's mini birthday party.  She turned two years old while we were on vacation. 

And these two cuties loved walking around with their "pack packs."

At any given moment, you would most likely find the three El's snuggled up to Grandma.

As you can tell, the kids loved catching a show during the down times.  

Ford soaked up the attention.  He was cracking up here as Aaron pretended to throw him towards me.

And you have to take note of my dad's expressions below.  Classic.

These girls were two peas and a pod all week long.  Remy was 6 and Addy was 5 here but they both just had birthdays in August so now they are 7 and 6.  Remy was born while I was on my mission and Addy was born just 14 days after I got home from my mission.  Can't believe they are so big and spunky now!

Addy lost her first tooth! She discovered that the tooth fairy found her even in Hawaii :)

And backyard games were a regular.  Chelsea and Blair were the cool aunt and uncle who initiated most of these games.

And I know I shared these hula dresses already but I just came across these pictures my dad got and I was cracking up at Eloise's face in this first one.  Priceless! That girl has personality.

I think they are the cutest kids but I may just be a little biased ;)

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