Cabin Times

Some of the best times of the trip were spent just hanging out all together at the cabin.  The boys had an ongoing ping pong competition going on.  We loved to swing in the swings out front.  We stayed up late playing games and chatting.  We even did s'mores in the firepit outback.  

We also took full advantage of the games out back in the beach volleyball court...

And at one moment the cows were going crazy so we all rushed up the drive way to see what was happening.  Turns out one cow in particular was brave and came right up the cabin to play around with Hope, Austin and Chandra's dog.

We took a short break from the cabin one afternoon to go swimming in the local rec center.  I took advantage of the lap pool and lasted all of 5 minutes.  My lung capacity is not what it once was!  But man it felt good to do a little freestyle.

Ford was wiped out halfway through swimming and fell asleep in a heartbeat on my chest.  I soaked it up because this never happens anymore.  Eleanor continued to swim her little heart out and even went down the big slide with Aaron.   She sure loves her water.

One of the nights we celebrated Aaron's upcoming 22nd birthday with a mini party. Annie made a cake and we gave him some gifts.
 ^^I call this one "The Birthday Wish" :)

And when we weren't celebrating birthdays in the evening, we were relaxing around the living while the children slept soundly downstairs (my favorite part of the day ;)).

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