A Real Date!

Aaron and I made a real date happen at the very end of July!! We had been going on dates for months but always brought Ford along.  Knowing that we would be apart for the whole next week due to Youth Conference and feeling particularly antsy to just "get away," I called a trusty babysitter and had her come over just as we were putting the kids to bed.  Ford hasn't consistently taken a bottle well so it always feels like a risk to leave him.  I know he will be okay but I more fear for the babysitter who has to deal with the stresses of a crying baby.   I left the babysitter with a bottle just in case he woke up and we were off.

We went to a nice restaurant, ate a very late dinner and had a good long conversation.  Then we went on a long drive.  It was AMAZING.  Such freedom.  And such happiness.  We love our kids to death but man does it feel good to get out and be adults.

We came home to discover that Ford had slept just fine and didn't need that bottle afterwards.  Success! We committed to go on more dates just us two, even if it means getting a late night babysitter.  And now that we are in September I'm happy to report that we have kept up on our goal.

Yay for keeping the love (and sanity) alive!


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    1. We are just trying to be like you and Emily! Maybe someday we will make it :)