Weekend House Projects

After being gone for weeks, it felt good to have a weekend at home where everyone was finally feeling (mostly) healthy and we could get things done.

We finished painting our entryway, which means that all of the main spaces in our house are officially white.  Just closets and bathrooms to go!  The white in the entryway feels so much happier.  You can see the yellow before color here.

And we got our new love seat on Friday!
It's the perfect size and feels like the missing piece for the room.  It's actually really comfortable to lay on it with your legs hanging off the end.  It ups the seating in the room, which was our major motivation to get it.  Aaron keeps gravitating towards it over the leather couch so that's saying something :) I have an idea for pictures to hang above it and then the room will feel a lot more done.  Also, look at our tree!  It really took off this summer, making me think that that window is the perfect spot for it.

Next up was Eleanor's room.

In hopes of getting Eleanor to sleep in longer, we decided to hang blackout curtains in her room.  The bump out windows in her room made it tricky but we decided to go with 3 different curtain rods and use the Pillowfort blackout curtains from Target.  She slept in till 8:20 am this morning so we are pretty pleased!

And Ford's room got a little love, too. We've been moving things around in his room and it feels almost done.  This weekend we hung the two wicker animal heads in the corner and now he stares at them every time I nurse him.  They are quirky for sure and probably not everyone's thing but I like that it makes the room more playful.

We also caught up on yard work and cleaning and laundry with enough time to squeeze in a date Saturday night.  I was exhausted come Sunday evening but it felt so good to be able to walk around our house and see the progress.  Now if only every weekend could be so productive!