The Nichols come to Fresno!

Our college friends, Brad and Laura Nichols, made the trek up here from Southern California to spend the weekend with us.  They had their baby boy just 3 days after we had Ford so it was so awesome having those two boys hang out side by side.  We swam in the pool, went to the Clovis Farmer's Market, ate at Jacks, wandered through antique stores, made homemade fudge and carmel to top off our ice cream, ate dinner on our back patio and golfed (or at least Brad and Aaron golfed).  We partied hard all day and then stayed up talking after getting the kids to bed.

After the Nichols left on Sunday, Aaron and I stayed up talking that night about just how awesome they are and how amazing our college friends are in general.  There's this incredible bond that exists with our college friends that comes from knowing each other so well at such a formative time in our lives.  The Nichols are just good to the core and I would be so happy if they visited every week.  We'll just have to make a drive down to Southern California soon because I need to hold their sweet baby just a little bit more before he gets too big.

Thanks for coming Brad and Laura!  You really are the greatest of friends.
^^Eleanor shaking her hips at the Farmer's Market
 ^^Posing with our BYU monkey.  Aaron and Brad have high hopes for these two attending BYU and being as into BYU sports as their dads are.

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