Ford at 2 months old

*I wrote this update back when Ford was 2 and a half months just never got around to posting it.  So here goes... :)
^^A touch blurry but this photo really captures "his look" to me.  Also, I feel like I'm looking at a baby picture of my older brother Blair.  While Eleanor seems like she leans more McKell, Ford seems a little more Stewart to me.
At 2 months, Ford....

...is a chunk!  Or at least he's chunking up :)  He was 11 lbs 9 oz at his 2 month old appointment, which means he has gained nearly 3 lbs in the last month alone! He is developing the same wonderful cheeks that his big sister was (is) known for, proving that maybe Aaron and I just make children with deliciously big cheeks.

...loves to be around people.  He's hit the stage where he knows if he has been left alone.  He doesn't cry, but just kind of calls out (wimpers) for someone to come to him.  He loves it when Eleanor plays by him and will stay happier longer if she is near.

...smiles!  Oh the smiles are heavenly.  He smiles when I smile and it makes me want to be happy all the time just so he will smile more.  I love it when his whole face lights up.  And he totally knows his dad.  He gives Aaron crazy big smiles when he gets home from work.

...continues to be a master sleeper it is heavenly.  I know what it's like to have your newborn wake up every two hours for weeks on end (ahem, Eleanor...) so I do not take Ford's amazing sleeping habits for granted.  He cluster feeds at night (eating at 8, 9, 10 and 11 pm) and then does a long stretch til 7 am.  I can almost depend on it, which makes me feel real good when I hit the pillow at midnight.  He also does a long morning nap after that first feeding and then shorter naps throughout the day.

...eats every 2 to 3 hours.  He's on the "eat, play, sleep" rhythm so whenever he wakes from him nap he's ready for food.  Speaking of eating...

...is eating SO much better (hallelujah!).  Feedings were still very rough when he hit two months but over the last week or so they have massively improved.  Before, Ford would cry the whole feeding in pain from having so much gas.  It was so perplexing because he is not a fussy baby at all but come eating time, it was all tears and protest.  I tried seeing a lactation specialist, I tried going off dairy, I tried talking with his pediatrician, etc. etc. but no improvements.  It wasn't until texting with my cousin AnnaMarie that I realized it was probably just a combination of my oversupply of milk and a forceful let down coupled with Ford just being a really fast eater.  He was taking these massive gulps and I could just hear the air bubbles work through his body and then he'd pull off in pain.  Oh and he was still congested (leftover from RSV) so he had a hard time breathing through his nose which meant he was gasping in even more air through his mouth.  So I stopped trying to relatch him a bunch and got better at burping techniques.  I think my milk supply has calmed down too and all of this combined has made for (mostly) stress free feedings.  It's so bizarre (and quite wonderful) for feedings to only last 10 minutes now.  Eleanor would eat for 20 minutes on each side for nearly her whole year of nursing.  I would hunker down for a good 45 minutes every time I fed her.  Anyways, I'm crossing my fingers that Ford's good progress continues.

...loves being rocked to sleep.  I thought I would be good at trying to let him self soothe to sleep but turns out I love the rocking experience too (for now).

...goes long stretches without pooping.  He's pretty much turned in to a once a week pooper. It drives me nuts wondering when he is going to be blow!

...takes a lot of naps in the car.  Poor guy but such is the life of a second child, I guess.  Up until now he will nap in his carseat while I go down the park slide with Eleanor or while I'm at a Stake YW meeting or while we're running errands.  I'm pretty committed to getting him to nap in his bed when we are at home though so he seems to be doing great all around.  I can tell that it's getting harder and harder for him to fall asleep in his carseat though, which may make life a little harder for us all around in the future.  I guess we will just figure it out as we go!

...calms when I sing "I am a child of God."

....still struggles to lift his head during tummy time.  He tuckers out pretty quickly.

We love our little Fordy and think he's the world's greatest :)

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