Audrey visits!

After a couple weeks of going at it alone with two kids, I bet you can imagine the big smile on my face as Audrey rolled in to town with her youngest daughter Noelle.  It was Audrey's first visit to Fresno so it was fun to show her around our new house and give her some of Fresno's best bread pudding.  But even better than all that (for me at least) was all the help she gave us with Eleanor and Ford.

Audrey was the greatest and got up with Eleanor in the mornings, swaddled and rocked Ford to sleep, put dinners together and gave me opportunities to nap.  Ford had been such a great sleeper that first month but getting RSV threw that off for a couple weeks.  By the time Audrey was there I was still getting up multiple times in the night.  Knowing that she was able to take over in the mornings (and throughout the days) was amazing.  

When you have a newborn you are not only physically exhausted but also socially starved.  I had kept us pretty quarantined for a month and a half solid to stave off germs so having Audrey there to talk with all day was heavenly.  It broke up all the diaper changes and especially those still-very-difficult feedings. Audrey is also a wealth of motherhood knowledge so I very much appreciated picking her brain about all things having to do with babies.  She answered my questions around nursing, toddler food and kids poop with ease.  I hope to have her wisdom one day but for now I am just grateful I can go to her for advice. 

It was also so fun to see Eleanor and Noelle playing together.  They are just 6 months apart and haven't had tons of opportunities to play together one on one since they live two states apart.  There were so many cute cousin picture moments.  It makes me happy thinking they will look back on these photos one day and laugh at how small and cute they were together. 
^^Audrey is a master swaddler.  Aaron and I were in awe of her ability to get Ford to sleep during his more fussy evening time.

^^It doesn't get better than babies in a bath tub together!

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