Finding out the gender

I was supposed to have my ultrasound to find out the gender when I was 18 weeks along and we were stoked.  My appointment was set and we were counting down the days.  The day before the appointment came though the ultrasound place called and said they changed their policies and no longer took our particular insurance.  So just like that they dropped my appointment and our dreams of knowing baby #2's gender were dashed.  I worked quickly to get an appointment at a new place but the soonest they could get me in was in 4 weeks.  It was torture waiting so long (I didn't get to find out until I 22 weeks along!) but for some reason I was determined to hold out for that main ultrasound appt to find out the sex instead of going somewhere and paying to learn the gender.

So finally October 7th rolled along (which ended up being the same day we got the keys to our house!) and it was gender reveal time.  I dropped Eleanor off at my friend Lindee's house and then Aaron and I drove over to the children's hospital where my ultrasound would be.

Our ultrasound tech was everything you'd hope an ultrasound tech should be.  She was talkative, enthusiastic and detailed.  She quickly identified all the key components of the baby's body and went on and on about what a healthy looking baby we had.  Such a wonderful thing to hear that!  Aaron held my hand the whole time and we kept squeezing hands every time we learned something new.  Despite all the challenges of being pregnant and of raising children, I could be pregnant ten more times just so I could have that ultrasound experience over and over again.  It's just an amazing, exciting feeling.

Part way through the ultrasound, I could have sworn the baby was a boy. I didn't know for sure though until the tech honed in on the area.  Sure enough our guesses were right...a BOY! Everyone guessed we would be having a boy so I can't say that we were shocked, but we were 100% stoked.  I can't remember what we said in the moment but there were a lot of happy statements and excited hand squeezes.  The tech went on to tell us that we better not name him anything crazy like Achilles to which we reassured her that we would keep it as normal as possible ;)

We drove back towards Aaron's work, dreaming up what it would be like to have a boy.  It's all just so new to us seeing as we are so entrenched in girly things (the amount of pink in our lives since Eleanor arrived is ridiculous).  The thought of having a boy just seemed so hard to wrap our minds around.  And yet, we couldn't be happier.

We stopped in the parking lot before saying goodbye and filmed a quick video to send to our families.  Watching this video now makes me kinda cringe as it is totally cheesy, but oh well, we are just going to go with it :)  I guess I just get cheesy when I'm excited.  So here it is for your viewing pleasure...

We can't wait to meet our boy!

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