Catching up on life

Man, I was on a roll a couple months ago with posting daily and then I fell off the horse and have struggled to get back on.

It may have to do how I've been reading Harry Potter in all my spare moments OR with how my camera and phone have no more space for new pictures OR with how the idea of sorting through our camping pictures is a little daunting to me at the moment.

So in an effort to just post something, here is a little bit of what we've been up to lately.

We are...
...buying a new box of Fresno's fresh local strawberries every week.  They are candy!

...loving Eleanor's current stage (I'll share her 16 month update soon, I hope!)

...going on bike rides whenever we can

...wishing we could find $500 tickets to Norway and then staying there for a month

...recovering from Memorial Day sunburns (still!)

...looking forward to my brother's wedding in a couple weeks

...watching Fixer Upper (the one HGTV show I can get Aaron to watch with me ;))

...reading Eleanor the children's Book of Mormon each night and she's starting to point at each of the pictures like she's really following along

...getting concerned about the 99 degree weather we're already having (!!)

...driving our favorite neighborhoods and hoping our dream homes go for sale

...hoping my sister-in-law Chelsea has a great birthday today!

...staying up way too late for our own good

...waking up consistently at 7 am with Eleanor each morning

...watching each Harry Potter movie with every book that we finish (it's so fun to compare the book to  the movie!)

...dreaming of Crystal Fish and really all of our Monterey trip

and feeling that life is pretty great right now :)

Happy June everyone!

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