Happy Friday and Things I've Been Loving

^^We met up with Aaron for a lunch at Chipotle on Wednesday.  
This little blue-eyed one loved her barbacoa pork. 

Happy Friday the 13th!  I hope your week has been fantastic.  Aaron passed an important exam yesterday, Eleanor got one of her top teeth in and I have been surprisingly productive around the house.  And now we are looking forward to a great weekend!  We have plans for a Valentine's dinner date tonight and then a family park day on Saturday.  My mom drives in to town Sunday evening and then we will celebrate my 27th birthday on Monday.  If you're contemplating a good day to give birth to a child on then definitely choose February 16th--it often falls on a President's Day, which makes for an awesome, no-work day and therefore a fantastic day to party.  Your future child will thank you :)

Here are some random things I've been loving lately.  Hope you find them fun/helpful/entertaining!

-I would love to turn this fabric into curtains like these for Eleanor's room.

-I was chatting with a girl at church and found out that she used to write the successful blog called Black Eiffel.  I went home to look it up and found myself going through all her old posts.  Her content has so much depth and everything is uplifting and beautiful. Isn't it amazing to discover a new side to people you know?

-This valentine made me smile.  That song reference will always remind me of the movie 13 Going on 30.

-The other week I shared a mini lesson on inner beauty and individual worth with our Young Women (ages 12-18).  I found this short video's message to be so true!

-Dreaming of this household gadget, which shows that I really am getting old!

-If I had a fancy occasion to attend and money to spare then this dress would be my go to.

-This marriage advice from author Richard Paul Evans has been shared a lot on my Facebook.  I think every relationship could benefit if we all asked the same question every day to the one we loved.

-Last night at a Relief Society party we each shared our favorite things.  One of the favorites I shared was chia seeds.  I first used them in this Chocolate Banana Avocado Shake but can't wait to try them in homemade chia jam.

-The cement tiles in this dining room are beautiful.

-Loved reading through these ideas.  I've implemented some of them with Eleanor and they have made a big difference in our home.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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