A baby and her baby doll

For Christmas, Eleanor received a baby doll and baby doll quilt to match from her Grandma Stewart.  I had visions of Eleanor rocking that baby doll and feeding her a bottle.  

Instead, Eleanor's original reaction to her baby doll was to cast her aside and feed herself the baby doll's fake bottle.  I was sad but I shrugged my shoulders and thought, "She just must not be the nurturing type" and went on with the day.

Until one day I thought I should intervene and actually model how to treat a baby doll (I don't know why this didn't occur to me before!  Afterall, I did take full classes in college about the importance of modeling while teaching...).

So I held, patted, rocked, swayed and kissed that baby doll.  Eleanor begged for her turn and proceeded to repeat everything I did with the doll.  We took turns passing the doll back and forth, giving ample kisses and hugs with each go.

From that moment on, Eleanor has been attached to that doll and will rock her and kiss her and give her hugs.

You may have seen the video I posted to Instagram, but I couldn't help but pull out my real camera and capture these shots.  Nothing is sweeter than seeing your baby rock their baby.

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