Eleanor turns ONE!

Our baby girl turned one today and we had so much fun celebrating her life!

We woke her up this morning to the happy birthday song, which might have freaked her out a little bit (ha!) but then she was all smiles the rest of the day.  I felt like she grew up a lot in just this one day or maybe it was that I was seeing her through different eyes.  Either way, she was incredibly happy, interactive, speedy and excited the whole day long.

We had a small little birthday party for her this afternoon and she seemed to love the celebration.  My parents drove in today and then our friends Steve and Jess came over.  We watched a slideshow of photos I threw together and then did a little multiple choice quiz of trivia on Eleanor (my mom pulled out in first place on that one!).

Eleanor wasted no time getting in to her cake but after a few licks of frosting she lost all interest.  However, she perked up when she got to the cake portion and then she was all about it.  The real winner was the ice cream though, which Aaron enthusiastically shoveled into her mouth as if it was his fatherly duty.

She was way more in to presents today than she was for Christmas, which made it all the more fun for us onlookers.  She loved playing with her new toys with people surrounding her and egging her on.

It's amazing to think how much she has grown and developed this year.  I just hope we can continue to soak up every day with her as the time really does go quickly (too quickly).

Happy Birthday Eleanor!  We love you!
^^The sweetest cloud pillow made by Eleanor's Aunt Chelsea
^^I mean really, is that a face of pure joy or what?  Love her cheesy grin.

And just for fun, here is a little side by side comparison...

January 9, 2014
January 9, 2015

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