Eleanor at 10 months

In Eleanor's tenth month of life she became a book model for Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Or at least that's what you will think after seeing these photos.  For my next child I will definitely rethink the whole "photos on a rocking chair" idea as it gets progressively more difficult to take these monthly photos and keep Eleanor alive (aka not plummeting off the chair headfirst).  The struggle is real. And the book was all I could do to keep her in one spot for longer than a second. 

Eleanor is pulling herself up on everything.  She loves to stand.  On her crib, every chair, every ottoman, every bathtub, everything.  Pretty much everything at her height is far game, even grabbing on to the top of my boots and pulling herself up. She has definitely thinned out and lost those glorious leg rolls.  Although we are still holding on to those wonderfully chubby cheeks for now (and hopefully forever). 

Eleanor continued to love books and taking baths.  She perfected the wave, a trick that Aaron helped her develop.  She continues to smile at every stranger and win over the heart of every grocery store cashier.  She started sleeping well again at night (usually from 7 pm to 6 am, then nurse and then sleep again til 7:30/8 am) but continues to insist on only one hour naps a day.  By this 10th month she was down to 2-one hour naps a day.  

And overall she is just a joy to be around. 
^^She looks so grown up here to me.  You can really tell she's lost her rolls.

 And the book modeling begins...
 ^^Love her expression here.
 ^^Waving hello.
^^That is definitely her "I'm exhausted, please let this be over face" 

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