Our 2014 Thanksgiving Celebrations

We spent Thanksgiving in Walnut Creek with my parents, Brad and Ginny.  We had a lot of fun catching up on life, going to IKEA, seeing the latest Hunger Games movie, talking to Brad about how  his Emily was coming home in 2 weeks from her mission (!!), going out for dinner, picking out my parents' Christmas tree and attending the BYU v. Cal game at Cal (which turned out to be an exciting game despite a not very exciting season).

Thanksgiving day itself is always a blast, although we didn't do our traditional family football game where the only game rule is that the girls always win (darn!).  The day was a totally made though by seeing Eleanor wear a construction paper turkey hat while chomping down on turkey and yams.  Seriously, she was in heaven over that turkey.  All in all, it was a fantastic holiday with fantastic people. Thanks Mom and Dad!
^^See that tongue sticking out in concentration?  Eleanor and I both do the same thing! Guess it's in our Stewart genes.
^^And here's a 17 second video of the turkey lover in action.  It cuts off in the end but Eleanor's response was, "Yes, it is VERY good Daddy." ;)
^^The deliberation.  Is this the right tree?? Us kids were all gunning for the 20 footer ;)
^^Tree selected! And they all even humored me with a family photo!
^Is that not the happiest little Christmas tree store you ever did see?!
 ^^You want to see Aaron happy?  Take him to a BYU game (any BYU sport really) and surround him with a bunch of roaring BYU fans (even at away BYU game!) and he will be beaming like so.  
^^My dad's first iPhone selfie!!

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