Most days around here

After neglecting to really update this blog for months, I went on an updating rampage last week (as you probably saw).  I guess that's what happens when your husband has an 85+ hour work week and has to take your one working car with him.  You're kind of stuck at home and forced to be productive with things in the home category. 

So lest you got the idea that we are off galavanting on exciting adventures all the time, here is just a little sneak peak into what most days around here look like:  
At home, taking naps, reading baby books, cleaning up spit up, eating pureed foods, wearing pajamas for longer than is socially acceptable and laying on the floor playing with toys.  All very glamorous things.  Eleanor naps a lot, which is completely wonderful but keeps us mostly homebound.  So most days we are just here, hanging out and trying not to get stir crazy.  It's great and challenging all at once. 

Anyways, I hope all of your summers have been filled with both the adventurous and the relaxingly simple things.  So crazy that the summer is coming to a close!

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  1. Love it! I think it's these hum drum days that we'll all miss one day when our kids get older. And for the record... I'm still in my pjs too. :)