When Eleanor arrived and changed our lives forever.

There are not really words to describe these early days in the hospital.  

They were filled with the indescribable joy of meeting our daughter along with the (not so fun or glamorous) pain of recovery. 

They were filled with lots of firsts--the first time holding her, the first time nursing, the first time checking her breathing for fear she would instantaneously stop, the first time swaddling, the first time singing her Billy Joel songs, the first time she met her grandparents, the first time face time messaging with family, the first poopy diapers, the first sleepless nights and the first family photo shoots. 

Labor & Delivery Room 8 and Mother-Baby Room 275 are forever special spaces for our family now--they are where we became parents and felt our hearts expand in ways we never knew possible.  


  1. Billy Joel songs... HA. I just love this so much! What a special girl she must be to come to parents like the two of you.

  2. I second Susan's comment. She is beautiful and you guys look so full of light and joy holding her. Congratulations, I love her already, and can't wait to meet her!

  3. This is so sweet! Congratulations to such a happy little family!

  4. Oh this is too sweet! I can't wait to meet her!!!!