3 Years!!

On December 18th, Aaron and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe it has been that long.  The time has flown!  Especially when you consider that we have known each other and loved each other for seven years now.  It just blows my mind.

This anniversary definitely felt significant to me because it was the last one where it was just us, no kids.  Next year we will have to call a babysitter and then we will probably proceed to talk the whole night about how cute our baby is, and we will love it all, but it will be different.

This past year felt like we had "arrived" in our marriage in a way (I'm sure anyone married for 10, 20 or 50 years would laugh at me saying this so young in to married life).  We left the easy life of school and flexible schedules and of our longtime go to friends and headed out on our own into real adulthood.  We set up our new apartment, which has felt like the home-iest place we have lived, and we are settling in to a consistent schedule, where Aaron is gone from 8 am to 7 pm and I hold down the fort at home, working here and there, cleaning and cooking.   We've had to reach out to new people in the area and have grown together as a couple trying to find new couple friends.

With a more steady rhythm now and with a baby on the way, I've felt the need to make a more conscious effort to strengthen our marriage and keep the spark.  I am really proud of the marriage that we have and the work that we have put in to it, but I know we can't slacken.  I, for one, can be lazy and not care if I got dressed up for the day. And we can feel tired at night and just want to watch a show before going to bed, instead of having a real meaningful conversation.   But I like Aaron too much to let laziness determine our relationship.  I made goals for the year to put Aaron first, even though I know it will be easy to get wrapped up in being a mom and devoting myself to our baby.  I want our baby (and future children) to know that I loved Aaron first and most and that that won't change no matter what.

And know that you've gotten a full dose of my marriage philosophies, here's a little recap of how we spent the night...

Every prior anniversary, Aaron and I have gone out for sushi (my most beloved food).  We couldn't do sushi this year but we decided to still do Japanese. I got dressed up (I actually curled my hair and put on more make-up than just mascara and wore tall wedges!) and drove to meet Aaron after work in Mountain View.  We ate at Shabuway, which Aaron had been to once before and has been raving about ever since.  They bring you a pot of broth which starts boiling on a hot plate on your table.  You then dip in your thinly sliced meat and bowl of veggies and let them cook right before your eyes.  It's quite the experience.  The steam totally killed any curls I had in my hair but it was worth it.

We walked up the street and got the most delicious gelato at Gelato Classico.  I haven't been to Italy, but I swear this gelato must have been the real deal because it was that good.

The night was young and so we headed over to the mall to check out diaper bags.  Ok, so maybe our focus on the baby has already begun!  We had fun wandering through the mall though and discovered that we live within 5 minutes of every store you could ever need.  Afterwards, we came home to sip on Martinelli's and read a letter I wrote Aaron about memories throughout the year.

It was just our kind of night and I loved it all.

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