Living it up on break.

In addition to wonderful Christmas festivities, our Christmas Break also included:

Mission Inn Lights and Les Miserables:  The lights were gorgeous and the movie was fantastic. There were so many great numbers in Les Mis, but I was surprised that my favorite was Marius singing about his lost revolutionary partners.  Moving.
Grading: Between being a T.A. and now teaching, I don't think I've had one Thanksgiving or Christmas break that didn't involve some kind of grading or lesson planning.
Framing Wedding Photo: Finally, after 2 years of wedded bliss we finally have a real framed photo to show for it!  We're a little slow but we eventually make it. Susan found this frame and I think it is gorgeous!
Learning how to use "the camera" :)
Working on these beauties:  We can't wait to see them finished!

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