In memory

Now over a week ago, we learned the heart-wrenching news that my home ward bishop passed away unexpectedly on Friday evening, July 27th.  His passing is mourned by so many who loved and admired him. He was hiking with the other members of the bishopric to meet up with the Boy Scouts when he passed away.
While he was a bishop for the Walnut Creek 2nd ward for the past year, I always knew him best as one of my youth leaders. My most distinct memory of Matt Lyon was when he gave a combined Young Men and Young Women lesson on missionary work. He read his journal entry from the first day of his mission and then read a journal entry from the last day of his mission. His delivery of these very contrasting entries was so hilarious as he compared his earlier homesick self to his stalwart, hardworking missionary self at the end of his mission. The lesson had just the right amount of humor, sincerity, and of course, spirit.  In this lesson and in other interactions, Bishop Lyon inspired me to not just go on a mission or to do mission things, but to really give myself over to the work and to let my mission change me.  I thought about those things constantly during my mission to New York.

Bishop Lyon was always there and always serving. Even if you didn’t know Bishop Lyon, you could tell what a great person he was by knowing his amazing wife Eleanor and their 4 beautiful, young kids. I have always looked up to the Lyon family and now they continue to amaze me at their strength even in this hard time.

I attended my home ward last Sunday, and while it was sad and emotional for all, I was touched at how much love you could feel.  I could feel the desire that everyone had to “bear one another’s burdens.”  A sense of community rises out of adversity.  And on Saturday, as we attended the funeral, I was touched again by Bishop Lyon's life and devotion to God.

I feel strengthened in my belief God has a plan, that He will strengthen His children to bear difficult burdens, that He has given us the power to be together as families forever and that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, who understands all pain and sadness so that we can find comfort us in our times of need.

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