The best dads.

Aaron and I are feeling very grateful this Father's Day for our own dads.  In the last month, we've gotten to spend a lot of time with our dads and have been reminded of all the reasons why we love them so much.  We are grateful for the time they have taken to mentor us through life.  Over the years, Aaron and I have both appreciated being able to call home to our dads and ask questions about our education, missions, career choices, finances, or to just chat about our hobbies like photography/cars/hiking/serving in the church/bbq'ing/etc.  They are always so willing to drop whatever they are doing and make us feel like our questions are the most important thing to them.  

We feel so blessed to have fathers who are good men to the core.  They give of themselves to their family, their church and their community while working dutifully in their careers.

We feel so blessed to have fathers who continue to care about our well being and play an active role in our lives.  

We know there are wonderful fathers every where, but we feel so blessed that we we can call our fathers "Dad." Heavenly Father knew just what he was doing when He put our families together.  And for that we feel so blessed.

Love you both!

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