You know we are approaching summer time when...

When you have time to bbq.  When you make homemade ice cream.  When you spend time with friends.  When you get to play with your spouse in the middle of the day (at least for this stage of our lives).  When you stay up late because you want you.  Or when you fall asleep at 8 pm and sleep through the night because you want to.  When you get to read books you've been meaning to.  When you make homemade buns.  When you wear red pants.  When you enjoy warm nights and Coldstones ice cream.  When you improve your scripture study.  When you pack up your apartment and find things you forgot you had (see Mexican outfit above).  When the sun is shining and you are filled with happy thoughts. 

I love approaching summer.

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  1. This is so enchanted! I need to do some of these things... minus the poncho. After exams of course ;) So glad you're enjoying summer!