Sunny Riverside for New Years

We spent the end of our Christmas break relaxing in sunny Riverside.

On New Years Eve morning (while I will still lounging in bed at late in the morning) Susan came to the room and said, "How do you feel about going to the beach today?  It's supposed to be 75 degrees!"
Who can say no to that?

So we got in the car and basked in the warmth, thanking our lucky stars that we weren't in the much colder Utah for the day.       

We drove to Laguna beach and soaked up the warmth (and fog).

And then made our way to Corona Del Mar to swoon over multi million dollar beach front homes and eat lunch. 

We headed back home to ring in the New Year with Sean Connery impressions (we were watching The Rock) and a midnight kiss. 
(Our last picture of 2011.  You might wonder why our fingers are sticking up...it looks lame now but it was our attempt to show it was 2011.)

We finished off the the rest of break with holiday shopping, phase 10, peanut butter blossom cookies, taking down Christmas decorations, Moose Tracks ice cream and eating out at Farmer Boys. 
We were sad to go when it came time to pack up our things and head back to Provo. 

Aaron especially had a hard time letting go of break.  He lived it up with a goatee for the last couple days but just couldn't part with his facial hair freedom all together before classes started again.

Hence, the moustache.
Don't worry.
Aaron is now clean shaven, 
and we are back to the swing of things here in Provo.

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  1. I spent the break in California too and oh man! That fog was INTENSE. It was scary driving at night in some parts of LA.