Ice Cream and Annie...two of my great loves.

Annie Jamieson, you are the greatest.  

Rain or snow, hot or cold, BYU or U of U, Salt Lake or Provo, tan or white, happy or sad, I LOVE being with Annie.

Without even knowing it at the time, we booked the same flight home for Christmas!  
We all (me, Aaron and Annie) sat together on the plane, caught up on life and played fun airplane games (Aaron provided the game ideas, of course).

Annie and I decided that while we were home in the Bay Area we needed to introduce Aaron to Oakland's famous ice cream place called Fenton's.

Annie is the perfect person to go to Fenton's with.  She is a Fenton's expert.  She knew exactly what she wanted without even looking at the menu: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, no nuts, cold caramel and an extra serving of cold caramel on the side. What a pro.

Aaron and I decided to share an ice cream, and after much deliberation, ended up getting a monster of a dish (despite my initial plea that I wasn't really that hungry).  Cookie Dough and Rocky Road ice cream with whipped cream, nuts and cold caramel.

Look at those pictures.  That thing is massive.

Needless to say, ice cream ended up being our dinner for the night. 

In awe.

We might have come away a couple pounds heavier.  No judging, please.

While the ice cream was wonderful, the best part was getting to be with Annie. 
Good friendships warm the soul.   

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