A very Happy Thanksgiving

We spent our Thanksgiving Break down in Riverside with the family!

We hit the road on Monday before Thanksgiving, spent the night in St. George at MiMi and Papa's and then drove to Riverside on Tuesday.  The trip marked my first time riding in a motor home!  

We had a great week of serving at the Bishop's Storehouse, taking rides in the '37, preparing and eating amazing Thanksgiving food, getting our marriage certificate (finally!), hanging out with cousins, seeing beautifully decorated Christmas trees, checking out a warehouse full of old classic cars, doing sealings in the Redlands Temple, finding matching jackets and bonding with the people we love.  

Here are some of the photos from the week. 

We're back in Provo now and already missing family, 80 degree weather and school free days.

It just makes us even more excited for Christmas though...just 25 more days!

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  1. Redlands temple! Ahhh! So great. I am SO happy that I can keep up with you guys via blog now. Keep the updates coming! You guys are just too cute :) Miss you Leeny!!