4th of July

We wanted to have the real Provo 4th of July experience since this was our first summer in Provo.

Provo puts on this great parade that included everyone from people pulling big balloons to law enforcement to fencing students to dancers to missionaries. It was a great patriotic experience and we had fun feeling like we were a part of the Provo community.






Then Annie Jamieson came down to hang out and celebrate later in the day.
We also had a great dinner with Grandpa and Grammy McKell
and the Matt and Sherri Family.

We ended the night with a sorry attempt at sparklers.
It was sort of rainy that night and the sparklers would only stay lit for a matter of minutes. We still had fun with them even though we looked more like people from Harry Potter waving around wands. Good times.



All in all it was a great day.

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